Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is essentially fertility awareness.  Unfortunately, sometimes even medical professionals erroneously teach that NFP is nothing more than the calendar method.  The calendar method is an outdated way of regulating birth by assuming that ovulation occurs around day 14.  A couple would abstain for a few days on either side of day 14 to avoid conception.  This is not very reliable.  Contemporary methods of NFP go far beyond this simple method that assumes each women’s cycle is identical and consistent. Contemporary NFP looks at signs of fertility that are scientifically verifiable to determine when ovulation occurs.  Knowledge of ovulation can be used to both achieve and avoid pregnancy.
Daniel and Charlotte Levis are in the process of becoming certified NFP teachers through the Couple to Couple League.  To discuss NFP and its effects on their marriage, feel free to contact them.  Below are some resources to learn more about NFP.
What is NFP and how does it work?
Is NFP Effective?
Even Planned Parenthood says that NFP can be up to 98% effective if used correctly.
Where can we learn NFP?

Diocese of Buffalo: The Diocese of Buffalo teaches NFP through the Catholic Hospitals. Trained medical professionals in the Buffalo area teach the Creighton model.  The Creighton model looks at cervical mucus as the primary sign of fertility. To learn more, contact the Office of Family Life.
Couple to Couple League: The Couple to Couple League (CCL) is an international organization dedicated to couples teaching other couples about NFP.  CCL uses the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP.  Visit to find a class near you.

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